The Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics is proud to announce this year’s recipients of the Martin and Margaret Lee Prizes and Graduate Student Teaching awards.  Faculty and students will gather in person during the Spring quarter to recognize their outstanding achievements.  Congratulations to the following winners:

Lee Prize Award Winners

Highest Score Earned on the Price Theory Core Exam - Pictured from left to right: Daniel Ehrlich, Samuel Higbee, George Vojta

Highest Score Earned on the Theory of Income Core Exam - Pictured from left to right: Chase Abram and Jingoo Kwon

Highest Score Earned on the Quantitative Methods Core Exam - Joshua Higbee 

Graduate Student Teaching Award Winners

These awards recognize students for their excellence in teaching microeconomics and macroeconomics in the Undergraduate Economics Program.

Outstanding Graduate Lecturer in Microeconomics - German Villegas Bauer

Outstanding Graduate Lecturer in Macroeconomics - Suleyman Gozen

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