• The Long Run: Prof. Harald Uhlig and Daughter Anjuli Run the 2017 Chicago Marathon


    You may know Prof. Harald Uhlig from his long record of published research in macroeconomics and finance, his work as faculty member and former chair of the University of Chicago Department of Economics, or as lead editor of the Journal of Political Economy - but what some may not know is that he also has been a dedicated marathon runner for many years. On Sunday, October 7, his daughter Anjuli S. Uhlig (UChicago Class of '13) joined him - for the first time - to run the grueling 2017 Chicago Marathon. "I finished in 4:14:39 and I am pleased with that, especially since I had injuries that prevented me from training until about mid-August," said Prof. Uhlig. "Anjuli finished in 4:03:27, and I am very proud of her! We managed to run together until about the 17 mile mark...[t]his was her first Marathon, and a fantastic time. So, all in all a wonderful experience!" Our congratulations to Prof. Harald Uhlig and Anjuli Uhlig on a race well run! (Photo courtesy Harald Uhlig)

  • New Research Publications from Our Faculty

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    Selected journal publications from our departmental faculty are listed and linked on our Research Publications page: now listed, "Defensive Investments and the Demand for Air Quality: Evidence from the NOx Budget Program," by Michael Greenstone et al., "The Margins of Global Sourcing: Theory and Evidence from US Firms," by Felix Tintelnot et al., "Beyond LATE with a Discrete Instrument," by Magne Mogstad et al., "Fiscal Policy and Debt Management with Incomplete Markets," by Mikhail Golosov et al., "Earnings and Consumption Dynamics: A Nonlinear Panel Data Framework" by Stéphane Bonhomme et al., "Existence of Optimal Mechanisms in Principal-Agent Problems," by Philip J. Reny et al., and "Randomization Tests under an Approximate Symmetry Assumption," by Azeem Shaikh et al.

  • Myerson: How to Prepare for State-Building

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    What could America do to be better prepared for future international post-conflict political reconstruction, and what are its primary challenges and strategic value? Nobel laureate Roger Myerson, the Glen A. Lloyd Distinguished Service Professor of Economics, has published a detailed primer, "How to Prepare for State-Building," (PDF) in PRISM, a publication of the U.S. Department of Defense Center for Complex Operations. Myerson looks at several past examples of state-building missions - as well as recent examples of local governments in other parts of the world - to outline basic principles and caveats, with a focus on developing long-term success strategies, countering over-centralization, and maintaining a balance between national and local levels of government. The full publication (PRISM Volume 7, No. 1, September 2017) can be downloaded at cco.ndu.edu.

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