• SBCA Honors Prof. George S. Tolley

    Prof. George S. Tolley

    Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics Professor Emeritus George S. Tolley is this year's Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis "Honor a Colleague" recipient. The organization is presenting the honor in recognition of Prof. Tolley's body of work using "the power of economics to provide insights into behavior and useful prescriptions for public policy...With his rare combination of talent for explaining economic insights into pros and cons of different policy options and ability to have noneconomists embrace his economic ideas as their own, he has been able to influence environmental policy for the better."

    Prof. Tolley has served on the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Automotive Pollution, the Energy Engineering Board at the National Research Council, and various advisory boards and commissions for Illinois and Chicago, and consultant to the Agency for International Development and World Bank. He is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and is the honorary editor of the journal Resource and Energy Economics. He received an honorary doctor of sciences degree from North Carolina State in 2006, and has been a practicing economist for more than 60 years.

  • Alvarez Elected to AAAS

    Alvarez 2012.jpg

    The Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics congratulates Fernando Alvarez on being elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. Founded in 1780, the American Academy is one of the oldest and most prestigious honorary societies in our country. Prof. Alvarez, the William C. Norby Professor in Economics and the College, has been a member of our department since 1996. His research interests include dynamic general equilibrium models applied to asset pricing, search and insurance. [Photo courtesy of the Becker Friedman Institute]

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