You may know Prof. Harald Uhlig from his long record of published research in macroeconomics and finance, his work as faculty member and former chair of the University of Chicago Department of Economics, or as lead editor of the Journal of Political Economy - but what some may not know is that he also has been a dedicated marathon runner for many years. On Sunday, October 7, his daughter Anjuli S. Uhlig (UChicago Class of '13) joined him - for the first time - to run the grueling 2017 Chicago Marathon. "I finished in 4:14:39 and I am pleased with that, especially since I had injuries that prevented me from training until about mid-August," said Prof. Uhlig. "Anjuli finished in 4:03:27, and I am very proud of her! We managed to run together until about the 17 mile mark...[t]his was her first Marathon, and a fantastic time. So, all in all a wonderful experience!" Our congratulations to Prof. Harald Uhlig and Anjuli Uhlig on a race well run! (Photo courtesy Harald Uhlig)

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