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Selected journal publications from our departmental faculty are listed and linked on our Research Publications page: now listed, "Defensive Investments and the Demand for Air Quality: Evidence from the NOx Budget Program," by Michael Greenstone et al., "The Margins of Global Sourcing: Theory and Evidence from US Firms," by Felix Tintelnot et al., "Beyond LATE with a Discrete Instrument," by Magne Mogstad et al., "Fiscal Policy and Debt Management with Incomplete Markets," by Mikhail Golosov et al., "Earnings and Consumption Dynamics: A Nonlinear Panel Data Framework" by St├ęphane Bonhomme et al., "Existence of Optimal Mechanisms in Principal-Agent Problems," by Philip J. Reny et al., and "Randomization Tests under an Approximate Symmetry Assumption," by Azeem Shaikh et al.

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