Virtual AFE Seminar Series

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This virtual seminar series is organized jointly by John List, Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics, University of Chicago and Robert Metcalfe, Boston University Questrom School of Business, and serves as a complement to the annual AFE Conference.

The virtual seminar meets weekly via Zoom on Wednesdays at 12pm Eastern/11am Central. Seminars will consist of a 45 minute research paper presentation followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. For questions, please contact Jamie Temmer (Phillips)

Visit our YouTube playlist for videos of all past talks. 

September 23-24, 2021 - NOW POSTPONED
AFE Conference

Past Speakers:

May 6
Stefano DellaVigna, University of California Berkeley
"RCTs to Scale: Comprehensive Evidence from Two Nudge Units"

May 13
Michael Kremer, Harvard University
"Water Quality and Child Survival: A Meta-Analysis" 

May 20
Imran Rasul, University College London
"The Impacts of a Multifaceted Pre-natal Intervention on Human Capital Accumulation in Early Life"

May 27
Janet Currie, Princeton University
"Can Mentoring Help Female Assistant Professors in Economics? An Evaluation by Randomized Trial"

June 3
Leonardo Bursztyn, University of Chicago
"Misperceived Social Norms: Women Working Outside the Home in Saudi Arabia"

June 10
Jacob Goldin, Stanford University
"Health Insurance and Mortality: Experimental Evidence from Taxpayer Outreach"

June 17
Ted Miguel, University of California Berkeley
"General Equilibrium Effects of Cash Transfers: Experimental Evidence from Kenya"

June 24
Hunt Allcott, New York University
"Are High-Interest Loans Predatory? Theory and Evidence from Payday Lending"

July 1
Nathaniel Hendren, Harvard University
"Creating Moves to Opportunity: Experimental Evidence on Barriers to Neighborhood Choice"

July 8
Rebecca Dizon-Ross, University of Chicago
"Incentivizing Behavioral Change: The Role of Time Preferences"

July 15
Eric Bettinger, Stanford University
"Does EdTech Substitute for Traditional Learning? Experimental Estimates of the Educational Production Function"

July 22
Susan Athey, Stanford University
"Confidence Intervals for Policy Evaluation in Adaptive Experiments"

July 29
Seema Jayachandran, Northwestern University
"Attending kindergarten improves cognitive development in India, but all kindergartens are not equal"

August 5- CANCELED
Michael Greenstone, University of Chicago
"The Demand for Clean Air: Experimental Evidence from Pollution Mask Purchases in Delhi"

August 12- Special Session: Understanding LGBT+ Discrimination*

"Gender Identity, Race, and Ethnicity Discrimination in Access to Mental Health Care: Evidence from an Audit Field Experiment"
Patrick Button, Tulane University

"Do Foster Care Agencies Discriminate Against Gay Couples? Evidence from a Correspondence Study"
David Schwegman, American University

"Is the Rental Market Gay-friendly? Evidence from a Field Experiment"
Sandra Maximiano, ISEG-Lisbon School of Economics & Management

*Please note: this session will run 1 hour 15 minutes

August 19- No Seminar

August 26
Chris Knittel, MIT
"Using Machine Learning to Target Treatment: The Case of Household Energy Use"

September 2
Gautam Rao, Harvard University
"How Research Affects Policy: Experimental Evidence from 2, 150 Brazilian Municipalities"

September 9
Matthew Lowe, the University of British Columbia
"Types of Contact: A Field Experiment on Collaborative and Adversarial Caste Integration"
Salma Mousa, Stanford University
"Building social cohesion between Christians and Muslims through soccer in post-ISIS Iraq"

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