Department Location

The Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics
5757 S. University Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637
Phone: (773) 702-5079 | Fax: (773) 702-8490

Mailing Address
1126 E. 59th Street, Chicago, IL 60637

For Visitors: The main address for Saieh Hall for Economics is 5757 S. University Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60637.  Please consult UChicago Maps for a comprehensive map of campus. Parking and transit information is available at UChicago Safety and Security.

For General Information about the Ph.D. program and/or the admissions process, please contact the Division of Social Sciences Admissions office at (773) 702-8415. For undergraduate program information please contact the Undergraduate Admissions office in Rosenwald Hall at (773) 702-8650.


Professor Robert Shimer
Executive Assistant: Melissa Fordon
(773) 702-2417
Office: SHFE 411


Sherry Manick
Director of Finance, Operations, and Personnel
(773) 834-1679
Office: SHFE 403


Robert Herbst
Graduate Student Affairs Administrator
(773) 834-1972
Office: SHFE 511

Julie Wong
Undergraduate Advisor
(773) 834-6672
Office: SHFE 106

Amy Schultz
Student Affairs Administrator
Assistant to Roark, Pieters, Vasudevan, and Pena
(773) 702-2722
Office: SHFE 011

Ufuk Akcigit
Director of Graduate Placement and FY19 Director of Admissions
Executive Assistant: Melissa Fordon
(773) 702-2417
Office: SHFE 411


Alison Baulos
Executive Director
Center for the Economics of Human Development
(773) 834-0761
Office: 5750 S. Woodlawn Ave., Room 281


Emma Berndt
Executive Director
Urban Energy & Environment Lab

(773) 795-1244
Office: SHFE 354

Bethel Haile
Senior Manager, Programs and Operations
Energy Policy Institute at Chicago

(773) 702-0627
Office: SHFE 353

Samuel Ori
Executive Director
Energy Policy Institute at Chicago

(773) 795-1238
Office: SHFE 355


Ada Barbosa
Assistant to Mulligan, Myerson, Shaikh
Workshops: Economic Theory, Econometrics
SHFE 438B | (773) 702-6576

Maria Beck
Executive Assistant to James J. Heckman
SHFE 329B | (773) 702-0300

Virginia Bova
Assistant to Alvarez, Bonhomme, Lucas, Murphy, Telser, Tolley
Workshops: Application of Economics, Economic Policy and Public Finance, Family Economics Workshop

SHFE 438A | (773) 702-8191

Susan Clapp
Web Content Administrator, Communications and Digital Media
SHFE 329A | (773) 834-1482

Sonia Doyle
Junior Faculty Recruitment
Executive Assistant to Uhlig, Neal, Gonzalez

SHFE 420 | (773) 702-9013

Melissa Fordon
Executive Assistant to Department Chair Robert Shimer, Akcigit, Deshpande, Kaplan
SHFE 411 | (773) 702-2417

Gloria Mazzorana
Grants Manager
SHFE 400F | (773) 834-3732

Vicki Reicher
Faculty Recruitment
Executive Assistant to Greenstone, Mogstad, Sonnenschein
SHFE 426 | (773) 702-0759

Luisana Romero
HR Manager
Employment, Payroll, and Visas
SHFE 300F | (773) 702-5079

Joy Serletic
Assistant to Balke, Brooks, Lamadon, Levitt, Tintelnot, Voena
SHFE 400E | (773) 702-4862

Diana Smith
Executive Assistant to John List
SHFE 314 | (773) 702-8176

Jamie Temmer (Phillips)
Executive Assistant to Galenson, Hortaçsu, Reny, Tabord-Meehan
Workshop: Money & Banking

SHFE 401C | (773) 702-3877

Kayla Wierzbicki
Building Reservations and Access
Executive Assistant to Bursztyn, Golosov, Stokey, Tebaldi

SHFE 300E | (773) 834-5240

Shannon Williams
Assistant to Dinerstein, Mongey, Ravid, Torgovitsky
SHFE 400 | (773) 702-1569


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