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Winter-Spring 2016

March 3
Matt Masten, Duke University
"Partial Independence in Nonseparable Models" (with Alexandre Poirier)

March 10
Eric Renault, Brown University, Becker Friedman Institute Visiting Scholar
"Indirect Inference with Endogenously Missing Exogenous Variables"
(co-authored with S. Chaudhuri and D. Frazier)

March 17
Fabio Canova, European University Institute
Approximating time varying structural models with
time invariant structures

March 31
Andres Santos, UCSD, Becker Friedman Institute Visiting Scholar
"Constrained Conditional Moment Restriction Models"

April 14
Koen Jochmans, Sciences Po
"Modified-likelihood estimation of the Beta-model"

April 21
Federico Bugni, Duke University
"Inference Under Covariate Adaptive Randomization with Expensive Treatments",
 joint with Ivan Canay and Azeem Shaikh

April 28
Mark Watson, Princeton, Becker Friedman Institute Scholar
“Long-run Covariability”, (with Ulrich Mueller)

May 5
Tim Christensen, NYU
"MCMC Confidence Sets for Identified Sets",
joint work with Xiaohong Chen and Elie Tamer

May 12
Marcelo Moreira, Escola de Pós-Graduação em Economia
Optimal Two-Sided Tests for Instrumental Variables Regression with Heteroskedastic and Autocorrelated Errors. There is also a Supplement.

May 19
Francesca Molinari, Cornell University, Joint workshop with Booth School Econometrics and Statistics
**Special time & location:  12:00 - 1:20 Lunch served at Booth School Rm. HC3B- workshop to immediately follow
Confidence Intervals for Projections of Partially Identified Parameters

May 26
Ed Vytlacil, NYU, Becker Friedman Institute Visiting Scholar
“Using Nonexperimental Methods on Observational Data to Test the Validity of RCT Results”

June 2
Hiro Kaido, Boston University
Robust Confidence Regions for Incomplete Models


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