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2022 Student Award Recipients

The Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics is proud to announce this year’s recipients of the Martin and Margaret Lee Prizes and Graduate Student Teaching awards.

Additionally, two new prizes were awarded in 2021. The first was the Yiran Fan Memorial Prize, a fellowship established in memory of late UChicago Ph.D. student, Yiran Fan, which includes contributions from Fan’s parents and was awarded to a student in the Joint Program in Financial Economics. The second was the George S. Tolley Prize, initiated by economist Vinod Thomas, AM’74, PhD’77 to recognize and reward a third-year doctoral student in the Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics whose research paper demonstrates the potential for the impact of economic analysis on policy. 

Lee Prize Award Winners

Highest Score Earned on the Price Theory Core Exam - Pictured from left to right: Lewei He and Zizhe Xia 

George S. Tolley Prize 2021 (4)_0.png

Highest Score Earned on the Theory of Income Core Exam - Pictured from left to right: Lewei He, Zizhe Xia and Judy Yue

George S. Tolley Prize 2021 (5).png

Highest Score Earned on the Quantitative Methods Core Exam: Ian Pitman

George S. Tolley Prize 2021 (6).png

Graduate Student Teaching Award Winners

Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award - Mateusz Stalinski and Sidharth Sah

George S. Tolley Prize 2021 (8).png

Yiran Fan Memorial Prize

William Cassidy and Aditya Chaudhry

George S. Tolley Prize 2021 (12).png

George S. Tolley Prize

for "The External Costs of City Traffic" - Thomas Hierons and

for "Local Minimum Wages and Welfare" - Jordan Rosenthal-Kay

George S. Tolley Prize 2021 (9).png

Welcome incoming Ph.D. students!

Aaron Leonard • Alexandre Simões • Andrew Kennedy • Arnstein Vestre • Connor Murphy • Daniil Iurchenko • Drew Burd • Ella Deeken •  Eric Milstein • Hyong-gu Hwang • Ishira Shrivatsa • Jack Marshall • Kyler Kirk • Lina M. Ramirez • Marcus Lim • Moustafa El-Kashlan • Olivia Stiegman •  Omkar A. Katta • Robert Bernhardt • Shirui Chen • Sunduz Divle • Willa Lin • Yann Decressin

Congratulations 2021-2022 Ph.D. Graduates!

2021-2022 PhD graduates (alphabetical listing): Ahmed Ahmed • Artur Carvalho • Suleyman Gozen • Rafael Jimenez • Negin Mousavi • Josh Morris-Levenson • Hyejin Park • Marta Prato •  Ricardo Quineche • Laura Sale • Francisca Sara-Zaror • Joshua Shea • Juhana Siljander • James Traina • Francisco del Villar

STEM Eligibility

The PhD program is STEM eligible for international students.

Divisional Graduate Resources 

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