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Spring 2015

April 1
Anil Kashyap, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
"Liquidity Requirements, Liquidity Choice and Financial Stability"

April 8
Mikhail GolosovPrinceton University
"Social Insurance, Information Revelation, and Lack of Commitment"

April 15
Stefania GarettoBoston University and BFI Visiting Scholar
"Risk, Returns, and Multinational Production"

April 22
Valerie RameyUniversity of California San Diego
"Government Spending Multipliers in Good Times and in Bad:  Evidence from U.S. Historical Data"

April 29
Albert Marcet, Barcelona Graduate School of Economics and BFI Visiting Scholar
"Stock Price Booms and Expected Capital Gains?"
**PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE: 1:30-3:00 pm in SHFE 112**

May 6
Carolin PfluegerUniversity of British Columbia and BFI Visiting Scholar
"Monetary Policy Drivers of Bond and Equity Risks" | Slides

May 13
Fabrice Tourre, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Chicago 
"Debt Runs and the Value of Liquidity Reserves"

May 20
Fernando Alvarez, University of Chicago
"Decomposing Duration Dependence in a Stopping Time Model"

May 27
Giorgio PrimiceriNorthwestern University
"Credit Supply and the Housing Boom"

June 3
Ezra Oberfield, Princeton University
"The Global Diffusion of Ideas"

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