Fall 2020

The Money and Banking workshop is organized jointly between the Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics and the Chicago Booth School of Business. The majority of the talks are given by external speakers presenting works in progress, however, some talks are reserved for internal speakers. 

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September 30 - via Zoom
Benjamin Moll, The London School of Economics and Political Science
The Great Lockdown and the Big Stimulus: Tracing the Pandemic Possibility Frontier for the U.S."

October 7 - via Zoom
Andrew Atkeson, University of California, Los Angeles
"Understanding 100 Years of the Evolution of Top Wealth Shares in the U.S.: What is the Role of Family Firms?"

October 14 - via Zoom
Joseph Kaboski, University of Notre Dame
"The Stable Transformation Path"

October 21 - via Zoom
Valerie Ramey, University of California, San Diego
"The Value of Statistical Life Meets the Aggregate Resource Constraint"

October 28 - via Zoom
Jose Scheinkman, Columbia University
"Re-Pricing Avalanches"

November 4 - via Zoom
Melanie Morten, Stanford University
"Transportation, Gentrification, and Urban Mobility: The Inequality Effects of Place-Based Policies"

November 11 - via Zoom
Gregor Jarosch, Princeton University
"Granular Search, Market Structure, and Wages"

November 18 - via Zoom
Andrei Levchenko, University of Michigan
"International Comovement in the Global Production Network"

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