Winter-Spring 2019

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February 20
Oleg Itskhoki, Princeton University
"Mussa Puzzle Redux"

February 27
Felix Tintelnot, Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics, The University of Chicago
"Trade and Domestic Production Networks"

March 6
Monika Piazzesi, Stanford University
"The short disconnect in a monetary economy"

March 13
Cecilia Parlatore, New York University- Stern
"Identifying Price Informativeness"

April 3
Yan Bai, University of Rochester
"Sovereign Default Risk and Firm Heterogeneity"

April 10
Edouard Schaal, Barcelona GSE; CREI
"Herding Cycles"

April 17
Christopher Tonetti, Stanford Graduate School of Business
"Nonrivalry and the Economics of Data"

April 24
Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, University of Pennsylvania
"Financial Frictions and the Wealth Distribution"

May 1
Jesse Schreger, Columbia Business School 
"Sovereign Debt Portfolios, Bond Risks, and the Credibility of Monetary Policy"

May 8
Mikkel Plagborg-Moeller, Princeton University
"Two Methods for Doing Structural Inference Using Both Macro and Micro Data"

May 15
Ezra Oberfield, Princeton University
"Misallocation in Market for Inputs: Enforcement and the Organization of Production"

May 22
Nick Bloom, Stanford University
"The Finance Uncertainty Multiplier"

May 29
Greg Kaplan, Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics, The University of Chicago
"Markups, Labor Market Inequality and the Nature of Work"

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