The University of Chicago and Universidad del CEMA (UCEMA) have concluded an agreement to jointly operate the Joint Initiative for Latin American Experimental Economics in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Initiative will be co-directed by John List, Kenneth C. Griffin Distinguished Service Professor of Economics at the Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics of the University of Chicago and Julio J. Elías, Director of the Master's Program in Economics at UCEMA.

We are very proud to develop a strong partnership between UCEMA and the University of Chicago, offering courses to UCEMA and Latin American students, working with their teachers and students in private sector and public sector problems. Scientifically, our goal is to bring field experiments to the countries of South America, and expand Chicago economics throughout Latin America. - John List, Research Director.

The main objective of the Initiative is to design field experiments to offer new perspectives in various areas of economic research for Latin American countries, such as education, private provision of public goods, social preferences, and environmental economics. The Initiative will be based at UCEMA (building Av. Córdoba 637), where it will receive visiting researchers from the Experimental Economics group of the University of Chicago and invited researchers from other universities working on related topics in Latin America.

The Joint Initiative for Latin American Experimental Economics will allow the development of experimental economics in Latin America with the distinctive focus of the Chicago economy, and its vision that economics is a powerful tool to understand the world. The Initiative will prepare and support innovative scholars who apply economic analysis, through field experiments, to our most challenging social and political problems. We have the great opportunity to bring the best research in experimental economics from the field to the region, which will be very useful to stimulate the discussion and allow an informed debate on public policies" - Julio J. Elías, Executive Director. 

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