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Spring 2019

April 2
Amanda Friedenberg, University of Arizona
"Identification of Reasoning about Rationality"

April 9
Jiangtao Li, Singapore Management University
"Robustly Optimal Reserve Price"

April 16
Ran Shorrer, Pennsylvania State University
"Simultaneous Search: Beyond Independent Successes"

April 23
Mira Frick, Yale University
"Misinterpreting Others and the Fragility of Social Learning"

April 30
Alex Peysakhovich, Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research
"Artificial Intelligence Techiques for Economic Problems" Overview talk of Paper 1, Paper 2, Paper 3

May 7
Isabel Trevino, University of California at San Diego
"Sentiments, strategic uncertainty, and information structures in coordination games"

May 14
David Kreps, Stanford Graduate School of Business
"Starting Small to Screen for Mr. Good Bob"

May 21
Joyee Deb, Yale School of Management
"The Folk Theorem in Repeated Games with Anonymous"

May 28 - Special Lunch Seminar (Time & Location: 12:00 - 1:20 p.m., in SHFE 242)
Sergiu Hart, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
"Are Expected Posteriors Surprising?"

May 28
Olivier Tercieux, Paris School of Economics
"The Design of Teacher Assignment: Theory and Evidence"

June 4
Marek Pycia, University of Zurich
"Invariance and Matching Market Outcomes"

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