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Spring 2021

This workshop meets virtually via Zoom on Tuesdays from 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm Central Time (see schedule below for exceptions to this meeting time). For questions, please contact Ada Barbosa (Workshop in Economic Theory coordinator) or Ari Conterato (Applied Theory Workshop coordinator).

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March 30 - via Zoom
Alex Wolitzky, MIT
"Persuasion as Matching"

April 6 - via Zoom
Rakesh Vohra, University of Pennsylvania
"Substitute Preferences and Equilibria with Indivisibilities"

April 13 - via Zoom
Renee Bowen, University of California, San Diego
"Learning from Shared News: When Abundant Information Leads to Belief Polarization"

April 20 - via Zoom
Andy Skrzypacz, Stanford University
"Persuasion with Multiple Actions"

April 27 - via Zoom
Marcin Peski, University of Toronto
"Bargaining with Mechanisms"

May 4 - via Zoom
Inga Deimen, University of Arizona
"Communication in the Shadow of Catastrophe"

May 11 - via Zoom
Jennifer La'O, Columbia University
"Information Acquisition, Efficiency, and Non-Fundamental Volatility"

May 18 - via Zoom
Kareen Rozen, Brown University
"Communication, Perception and Strategic Obfuscation"

May 25- via Zoom
David Miller, University of Michigan
"Seeking Relationship Support: Strategic network formation and robust cooperation" (Abstract only available.)

June 1 - via Zoom
Tommaso Denti, Cornell University
"Costly monitoring in signaling games"

June 8 - via Zoom
Daniel Garrett, Toulouse School of Economics
"Optimal Technology Design"

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