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Winter-Spring 2020

March 17 - CANCELLED
Gabriel Carroll, Stanford University
"Dynamic Incentives in Incompletely Specified Environments"

March 31 - CANCELLED
Anna Sanktjohanser, Yale University
"Too much of a good thing? The dynamics of trust and loyalty"

Ayca Kaya, University of Miami
"Paying with Information"

April 14 - CANCELLED
Idione Meneghel, Australian National University & Becker Friedman Institute visitor

April 21 - CANCELLED
Sevgi Yuksel, University of Santa Barbara

April 28 - via Zoom
Wouter Dessein, Columbia University
"Organizational Capital, Corporate Leadership, and Firm Dynamics"

May 5 - via Zoom
Sylvain Chassagn, New York University
"Detecting Collusive Bid Rotation'"

May 12 - via Zoom
Pietro Ortoleva, Princeton University
"Who Cares More? Allocation with Diverse Preference Intensities"

May 19 - via Zoom
Andrew McClellan, University of Chicago Booth School of Business
"Outside Options and Optimal Bargaining Dynamics"

May 26 - via Zoom
Leeat Yarik, Princeton University
"Retrospective Search: Exploration and Ambition on Uncharted Terrain"

June 2 - via Zoom
Juan Ortner, Boston University
"Bargaining with Evolving Private Information"

June 9 - via Zoom
Georgy Egorov, Kellogg
"Informational Lobbying and Activism"

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