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Spring 2017

March 28
Sylvain Chassang, NYU
"Detecting and Understanding Collusion: the Case of Missing Bids"

April 4
Francesc Dilmé, University of Bonn
"Likelihood Assignments in Extensive-Form Games" (note: updated 4/4/17)

April 11
Songzi Du, Simon Fraser University
"Robust Mechanisms Under Common Valuation"

April 18
Johannes Horner, Yale University; BFI Visiting Scholar
"Keeping Your Story Straight: Truthtelling and Liespotting"

April 25
Ran Spiegler, University College London
"Can Agents With Causal Misperceptions Be Systematically Fooled?"

May 2
Peter Klibanoff, Northwestern University
Incomplete Information Games with Ambiguity Averse Players

May 9
Bart Lipman, Boston University
"Mechanisms with Evidence: Commitment and Robustness"

May 19 - Special Friday Session
Alessandro Bonatti, MIT Sloan School
"The Design and Price of Information"

May 23
Henrique de Oliveira, Penn State
"Apparent Mistakes"

May 30
Mark Dean, Columbia University
"Experimental Tests of Rational Inattention"

June 6
Niko Matouschek, Northwestern Kellogg School
"Communication in a Complicated Work"

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