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Spring 2016

April 1
Arthur Lewbel, Boston College
"Identifying Sharing Rules in Collective Household Models: An Overview"

April 8
John Eric Humphries, The University of Chicago
"Returns to Education: The Causal Effects of Education on Earnings, Health and Smoking," joint with James J. Heckman and Gregory Veramendi

April 15
Angus Deaton, Princeton University
"Understanding and Misunderstanding Randomized Controlled Trials"
****Joint with Becker Applied Economics Workshop ****
Please Note: 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm, SHFE 021

April 22
Simon Weber, Sciences Po, Paris, France
"Costly Concessions: An Empirical Framework for Matching with Imperfectly Transferable Utility"

April 29
Thibaut Lamadon, The University of Chicago
"Productivity Shocks, Optimal Contracts and Income Dynamics"

May 6
John Eric Humphries, The University of Chicago
The Heterogeneous Nature of Self-Employment: evaluating policies that promote entrepreneurship"

May 13
Petra Todd, University of Pennsylvania; Becker Friedman Institute Visiting Scholar
"Expanding Pension Coverage: A Dynamic Analysis of Chile's Pension Reform"

May 20
No Workshop

May 27 - Memorial Day Holiday Weekend

June 3
Flávio Cunha, Rice University
"Measuring Early Investments in Children"

June 10
Andrés Hojman, Senior Research Assistant, Center for the Economics of Human Capital, The University of Chicago
"Fadeout of Early Education Impacts on IQ: A Skill Formation Perspective"

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