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Spring 2019

April 5
No Meeting

April 12 - Life Cycle Working Group
Andrew Shephard, University of Pennsylvania
"Marriage market dynamics, gender, and the age gap"

April 19 - Workshop in Family Economics
Hamish Low, Oxford University; Becker Friedman Institute Visitor

"Disability Insurance: error rates and gender differences"

April 26 - Life Cycle Working Group
Colin Camerer, California Institute of Technology

"Econographics: Clustering of Preferences from a Representative US Sample"

May 3
No Meeting

May 10 - Lifecycle Working Group
Petra Todd, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Economics

"A Dynamic Model of Personality, Schooling and Occupational Choice"

May 17 - Life Cycle Working Group
Robert Moffitt, Johns Hopkins University

"The Marginal Labor Supply Disincentives of Welfare Reforms"

May 24 - Life Cycle Working Group
Rebecca Dizon-Ross, Chicago Booth School of Business

"Not Playing Favorites: An Experiment on Parental Preferences for Educational Investment"

May 31 - Life Cycle Working Group
Marc Berman, Department of Psychology, University of Chicago

"Environmental Neuroscience: Uncovering the extensive interactions between neurobiology, psychology, behavior and the environment"

June 7 - Life Cycle Working Group
Ewout Verriest, New York University
"Actors in the Child Development Process"

June 14
No Meeting

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