Monday, April 23

Macroeconomics and International Economics Workshop
Fabrizio Zilibotti, University
"From Imitation to Innovation? Where Is All That Chinese R&D Going?"
Booth Harper Center C10 | 11:45-1:15pm

Applications of Economics Workshop
Michael Dinerstein, Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics, University of Chicago
"Allocation and Choice in Urban Education"
SHFE 112 | 3:30-5:00pm

Tuesday, April 24

Workshop in Economic Theory (joint with Applied Theory Workshop)
Alex Frankel & Emir Kamenica, Chicago Booth School of Business
"Quantifying Information and Uncertainty"
SHFE 112 | 3:30-5:00pm

Becker Applied Economics Workshop
Michael Greenstone, Milton Friedman Professor of Economics, the College, and the Harris School; Director of BFI
"Demand for Electricity in a Poor Economy: Evidence from Rural India's Competitive Retail Power Market"
SHFE 146 | 3:30-5:00pm

Wednesday, April 25

Public Policy and Economics Workshop
Sandra Black, University of Texas, Austin
"Poor Little Rich Kids? The Determinants of the Intergenerational Transmission of Wealth"
Harris School of Public Policy, 1155 E. 60th, Room 140C
SPECIAL TIME: 12:00-1:20pm

Money and Banking Workshop
Virgiliu Midrigan, New York University
"How Costly Are Markups?"
SHFE 112 | 3:30-5:00PM

Health Economics Workshop Will Manning Memorial Lecture  
John Mullahy, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Empirical Strategies for Models of Multidimensional Health Outcomes" (RSVP req.)
Medical Center CLI L107, 860 E. 59th Street | 3:30-5:00PM

Thursday, April 26

Econometrics Workshop
Philip Haile, Yale University
"Common Values, Unobserved Heterogeneity, and Endogenous Entry in U.S. Offshore Oil Lease Auctions"
Booth Harper Center, Seminar Room 3B | 1:20-2:50PM

Friday, April 27

Workshop in Family Economics
Costas Meghir, Yale University and Becker Friedman Institute Visiting Scholar
SHFE 112 | 4:00-5:20PM

Other workshops and events around campus:

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