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Monday, November 18

Behavioral Science Workshop
No Meeting

Macroeconomics and International Economics Workshop
Ariel Burstein, UCLA
"Bottom-Up Markup Fluctuations"
Booth Harper Center C10 | 11:45AM-1:15PM

Becker Applied Economics Workshop
Abhijit Banerjee, MIT
"Changes in Social Network Structure in Response to Exposure to Formal Credit Markets"
SHFE 146 | 3:30-5:00PM

Tuesday, November 19

Operations and Management Science Workshop
Van-Anh Truong, Columbia University
"Learning to Rank under Evolving Consumer Reviews"
Booth School Harper Center Room 3B | 12:10-1:10PM

Capital Theory Working Group
Alexandre Sollaci, Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics, University of Chicago
"Agglomeration, Innovation and Spatial Reallocation: the Aggregate Effect of R&D Tax Credits"
SHFE 112 | 12:30-1:30PM

Finance Workshop
Toni Whited, University of Michigan
"Bank Market Power and Monetary Policy Transmission: Evidence from a Structural Estimation"
Booth School Harper Center Room C03 | 1:20-2:50PM

Organizations and Markets Workshop
Heather Haveman, University of California, Berkeley Hass School of Business"
"Innovation with Chinese Characteristics: The Evolving Effects of Political Ties"
Booth School Harper Center Room 3B | 3:00-4:30PM

Law and Economics Workshop
Cathy Hwang, University of Utah College of Law

"Contractual Depth"
UChicago Law School, Seminar Room F | 3:30PM

Workshop in Economic Theory (joint with Applied Theory Workshop)
Chiara Margaria, Boston University
"Don't Sweat the Small Stuff"
SHFE 112 | 3:30-5:00PM

Applications of Economics Workshop
Trevor Gallen, Purdue University
“Is Earnings Inequality Driven by Talent or Tastes? Implications for Redistributive Taxation”
SHFE 021 | 3:30-4:50PM

BFI Special Event and Roundtable Discussion: "Can Economics Save the World?"
Abhijit Banerjee, MIT
Registration Required
UChicago Lab School Gordon Parks Arts Hall | 5:00-6:30PM

Wednesday, November 20

Health Economics Workshop - McLean Center Seminar
Andrea N. Leep, MD, MHPE, Assistant Professor of Neurology, Associate Director, Mayo Clinic Program in Professionalism and Values
"High-Value Care: Counting the Costs"
Billing Hospital Auditorium, P-117, 5841 S. Maryland Ave. | 12:00-1:30PM

Applied Economics Workshop 
Ariel Stern, Harvard Business School
"Recalls, Innovation, and Competitor Response: Evidence from Medical Device Firms"
Booth School Harper Center Room HC3B | 1:20-2:50PM

Public Policy and Economics Workshop
Louis Kaplow, Harvard University
"Market Power and Income Taxation"
Harris School of Public Policy Keller Center, Room 1022, 1307 E. 60th St. | 3:30-4:50PM

Money and Banking Workshop (New time and location)
Gita Gopinath, Harvard University; International Monetary Fund
Booth Harper Center Room C10 | 3:05PM

CEHD Lifecycle Working Group
Heather Sarsons, Chicago Booth School of Business
"Interpreting Signals in the Labor Market"
CEHD Conference Room 180 | 5:15-6:30PM

Thursday, November 21

Stevanovich Center Weekly Seminar
Stefano Pegoraro, Ph.D. Candidate, Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics at the University of Chicago and Stevanovich Fellow 2019
"Flows and Performance with Optimal Money Management Contracts"
Stevanovich Center Library, 5727 S. University Ave. | 11:00AM-12:00PM

Political Economy Workshop
Claudio Ferraz, University of British Columbia, Vancouver School of Economics
Harris School of Public Policy Keller Center, Room 1022, 1307 E. 60th St. | 12:30-1:50PM

Microeconomics Workshop
Luigi Zingales, Chicago Booth School of Business
"Kill Zone"
Booth Harper Center Room C07 | 12:15-1:15PM

Donald J. Bogue Demography Workshop
Daniel Cohen, University of Pennsylvania
"Follow the Carbon: Housing Movements and Climate Politics in the 21st Century City"
NORC Seminar Room 232/233, 1155 E. 60th Street | 12:30-1:50PM

Econometrics and Statistics Colloquium
David Puelz and Sam Yang, Postdoctoral Researchers, Chicago Booth School of Business
"A Graph-Theoretic Approach to Randomization Tests of Causal Effects Under General Interference (Puelz)"
Booth Harper Center Room 3B | 1:20-2:30PM

Accounting Research Workshop
Rainer Haselmann, Goethe University Frankfurt
"Supranational Supervision"
Booth Harper Center C06 | 1:20-2:50PM

Econometrics Workshop
Xinwei Ma, UC San Diego
"Robust Inference Using Inverse Probability Weighting"
SHFE 112 | 3:45-5:00PM

Friday, November 22

Workshop on Quantitative Methods in Education, Health and Social Sciences [QMEHSS]
Geoffrey Wodtke, Department of Sociology, University of Chicago
"Casual Mediation Analysis in the Presence of Treatment-induced Confounding: A Regression-with-residuals Approach"
SSRB 401, 1126 E. 59th Street | 10:30Am-12:00PM

BFI Fall Development Lunch Seminar
Samuel Seo, PhD Candidate, Chicago Booth School of Business
Harris School Keller Center, Room 0001 | 12:30-2:00PM

Workshop in Family Economics
No Meeting

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