Monday, January 21

Behavioral Science Workshop
No Meeting

Applications of Economics Workshop
No Meeting

Tuesday, January 22

Economics Job Market Seminar
Taha Choukhmane, Yale University
"Default Options and Retirement Saving Dynamics"
SHFE 112 | 3:30-5:00PM

The 2019 Coase Lecture in Law and Economics
Jennifer Nou, Professor of Law, Ronald H. Coase Teaching Scholar, The University of Chicago Law School
"The Nature of the Agency"
UChicago Law School, Classroom II, 1111 E. 60th Street | 12:15-1:20PM

Operations and Management Science Workshop
Haihao (Sean) Lu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Booth Harper Center, Room 3B | 12:10-1:10PM

Finance Workshop
Ekaterina Neretine, Tilburg University
"Lobbying Externalities and Competition"
Booth Harper Center, Room 03 | 1:20-2:50PM

CEHD Lifecycle Working Group
Ganesh Karapakula, Predoctoral Fellow, Center for the Economics of Human Development
"The Perry Preschool Project After Fifty Years: A Design-Specific Multigenerational Perspective" (RVSP req.)
CEHD Conference Room 180, 5750 S. Woodlawn Avenue (Please enter through Saieh Hall) | 5:15PM

Organizations and Markets Workshop
No Meeting

Workshop in Economic Theory (joint with Applied Theory Workshop)
No Meeting

Becker Applied Economics Workshop
No Meeting

Wednesday, January 23

Health Economics Workshop - McLean Center Seminar
Marshall Chin, Richard Parillo Family Professor of Healthcare Ethics, University of Chicago
"Will We Ever Truly Value Equity in the U.S. Healthcare System?"
Billings Hospital Auditorium, Room P117, 5812 S. Ellis Ave | 12:00-1:30PM

Applied Economics Workshop 
Steven Mello, Princeton University
"Speed Trap or Poverty Trap? Fines, Fees, and Financial Wellbeing"
Booth Harper Center Room 3B | 1:20-2:50PM

Economics Job Market Seminar
Anthony Zhang, Stanford Graduate School of Business
"Competition and Manipulation in Derivative Contract Markets"
SHFE 112 | 3:30-5:00PM

Public Policy and Economics Workshop
No Meeting

Money and Banking Workshop
No Meeting

Thursday, January 24

Macroeconomics and International Economics Workshop
Walker Ray,  University of California, Berkeley
"Monetary Policy and the Limits to Arbitrage: Insights from a New Keynesian Preferred Habitat Model"
Booth Harper Center C10 | 10:30AM-12:00PM

Economics Job Market Seminar
Yotam Shem-Tov, University of California, Berkeley
"Does Incarceration Increase Crime?"
SHFE 021 | 3:30-5:00PM

Stevanovich Center Weekly Seminar
No Meeting

Accounting Research Workshop
Maximilian Muhn, Humboldt University of Berlin
Booth Harper Center C06 | 1:20-2:50PM

Microeconomics Workshop

Econometrics and Statistics Colloquium Workshop
No Meeting

Econometrics Workshop (joint with Booth School of Business)
No Meeting

Friday, January 25

BFI Development Lunch Seminar
No Meeting

Workshop in Family Economics
No Meeting

Other workshops and events around campus:

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