Data Science Specialization

The specialization in data science provides advanced training in computation and data analysis beyond the basic methods discussed in the empirical methods sequence. Students pursuing the specialization will acquire relevant technical skills that are highly sought after in both academia and the private sector.

The specialization in data science is designed to begin after completion of the core sequence and the empirical methods sequence in the standard major. Students pursuing the specialization in data science are not required to complete ECON 23950: Economic Policy Analysis. Instead, they must complete basic training in computer science and at least two data science courses in the Department of Economics. The program in economics can be divided into five component parts:

  1. Fundamentals: provides students with the basic skills required to be successful in the major.
  2. Core curriculum: consists of three courses designed to introduce students to the "economic approach.”
  3. Empirical Methods sequence: provides students with the fundamental techniques of data analysis.
  4. Computer Science course: provides training in computational thinking.
  5. Electives: provides further training in data analysis and economic applications.