Career Placement

Doctoral Student Placement

The Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics is fully committed to the placement of its doctoral students in professional academic, nonacademic, and research positions in the United States and abroad.

In addition to the efforts of individual faculty members on behalf of their own students, the Department holds an initial informational session each October for all students on the job market, compiles a placement brochure and distributes it to more than 500 organizations nationally and internationally, responds to inquiries and posts job openings, and conducts mock interviews with students prior to the January American Economic Association meetings (the principal forum through which graduate students interview with prospective employers).

Directors of Graduate Placement

Ufuk Akcigit
Director, Graduate Placement
The Arnold C. Harberger Professor in Economics and the College


Manasi Deshpande
Director, Graduate Placement
Associate Professor in Economics and the College


Previous PhD Placements

Previous PhD Placements [PDF]