The Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics is one of the world's foremost economics departments, and its faculty are renowned for their seminal contributions to the field, achievements recognized with numerous Nobel Prizes, Clark Medals, and other distinctions. Students admitted to doctoral studies research, interact daily with the faculty, as well as fellow graduate students, and pursue their own interests, thus furthering their own scholarship and research, ultimately continuing to shape the discipline itself.

The Department of Economics receives 600-700 applications for an entering class of 20-25 students per year. The number of well-qualified applicants exceeds the number of offers we can make. Nevertheless, we still strongly encourage those interested in graduate economic study to apply.

Welcome incoming Ph.D. students!
(alphabetical listing): Pedro Adami Oliboni; Bruno Aravena Maguida; Iris Arbogast; Dylan Baker; Rachel Coroseo Rojas; Amedeus Dsouza; Jacob Hartwig; Xun Huang; Ragini Jain; Tanvi Jindal; Sreyas Mahadevan; Saptarshi Majumdar; Ken Miyahara Coello; Meera Mody; Luke Motley; Shivani Pandey; Tyler Patterson; Santiago Perez Cardona; Henrique Rodrigues da Mota; Berkay Sagin; Stan Xie; Gianluca Yong Gonzalez; Samuel Zhao


Congratulations 2022-2023 Ph.D. Graduates!
2022-2023 PhD graduates (alphabetical listing): Oguz Bayraktar • Sergei Bazylik • Andrew Choi • Neil Cholli • Levi Crews • Yusheng Fei • Agustin Gutierrez • Takuma Habu • Eyo Herstad • Sota Ichiba • Esperanza Johnson Urrutia • Joshua Ka • Daniel Kashner • Jonas Lieber • Jack Light • Jiarui Liu • Andrea Mattia • Hyejin Park • Harshil Sahai • Chun Shea • Younghun Shim • Myungkou Shin • Mateusz Stalinski • Mehrdad Tahvilian


Postdoctoral Program
The Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics is proud to announce its first year (2023-24) of having a postdoctoral program! 

Selected postdoctoral scholars in the program for 2023-24 are Harshil Sahai (PhD '23) and Esperanza Johnson Urrutia (PhD '23). 

Postdoctoral scholars in the program for 2024-25 are Elena Istomina and Shanon Hsuan-Ming Hsu.

STEM Eligibility
The PhD program is STEM eligible for international students.


Divisional Graduate Resources

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The Economics PhD Program is administered by:
Kathryn Falzareno
Graduate Student Affairs Administrator
SHFE 510
Phone: 773-702-3026

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