Student Awards

2023 Student Award Recipients

The Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics is proud to announce this year’s recipients of the Martin and Margaret Lee Prizes and Graduate Student Teaching awards, as well as two memorial Prizes: The Yiran Fan Memorial Prize and the George S. Tolley Prize. 

Lee Prize Award Winners

Highest Score Earned on the Price Theory Core Exam

Aaron Leonard

Aaron Leonard


Highest Score Earned on the Theory of Income Core Exam

From left to right: Jack Marshall, Shirui Chen, Daniil Iurchenko

Theory of Income Prize Winners
Highest Score Earned on the Empirical Analysis Core Exam

Omkar Katta

Omkar Katta


Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award

Pictured from left to right: Deniz Dutz, Ashton Pallottini, Sofia Shchukina

Undergraduate Student Teaching Award Winners
Yiran Fan Memorial Prize
The Yiran Fan Memorial Prize is a fellowship established in memory of late UChicago Ph.D. student, Yiran Fan, which includes contributions from Fan’s parents and is awarded to a student in the Joint Program in Financial Economics.

Marco Loseto

Marco Loseto
George S. Tolley Prize
A donation made in honor of George S. Tolley will fund a $5000 prize for three years, beginning in 2021. The George S. Tolley Prize, initiated by economist Vinod Thomas (AM'74, PhD'77) is awarded to a student whose 3rd year doctoral research paper demonstrates the potential for the impact of economic analysis on policy. The prize is a special award bestowed over and above the awardee’s graduate funding package. It is conferred in the Fall Quarter of the winning student’s fourth year in the doctoral program. 

All rising fourth year students who have completed their third year research paper are eligible to apply. If you would like to be considered, please email your interest along with your third year research paper to Graduate Student Affairs Administrator, Kathryn Falzareno at The winner is selected by a faculty committee led by Mikhail Golosov, the Director of Graduate Studies, and will be announced at the annual Graduate Student/Faculty Lunch in November.

For "What Do Names Reveal? Impacts of Blind Evaluations on Composition and Quality” Haruka Uchida

Haruka Uchida